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Revival of the Departed, Chapter 9
by, Jdee

Rufus: Wait wait, before you start, I need to read the story’s summary to you as this is the eighth chapter in.
Reno: Heh, why? Too busy wanking to it to send it earlier?
Rufus: Silence! I’ll start with the pre-existing intro.
Aeris: Dungeonmaster Rufus will now read the campaign backstory.
Rufus: *Ahem* …  Alive and well, Zack has returned… but he’s not alone. Hojo’s experiments on him have caused some schizophrenic side effects that even Zack doesn’t realise. Sephiroth and Jenova are alive and well… inside him, plotting their return and destruction of the planet. Again. Will Cloud be able to kill Sephiroth again when he’s housed inside the body of his best friend and mentor who doesn’t even know what’s going on?
Cloud: Really? Doesn’t our game have enough mental illnesses? Writers actually feel the need to add in more?
Rufus: Anyway... the story is basically about Sephiroth possessing Zack and gathering energy for Jenova via sex vampirism.
Sephiroth: Damn, why didn’t I think of that?
Rufus: So far, Zack has been oblivious to all this and has raped Reno, Tseng, and Cloud without realizing it. Also, Sephiroth can manifest himself through Zack’s body, but posed as Zack to take advantage of Cloud for added mindfuckery; ravaging him against the wall in Aeris’ church. A delightful read all around, enjoy!
Zack: ….wait, what?

Revival of the Departed: Chapter 8-9 (selected portions)
By, J’dee

Lost in his own thoughts Cloud had missed most of Zack and Reno’s background banter, as he sipped on the hot drink in the flask Tifa had brought round for them earlier.

Tifa: Caffeine, protein, and about 70% alcohol. I figured you were going to need it.

Flipping out his cellphone he looked at the time. Vincent was late. Granted the man had all eternity to live he was very rarely late. Which meant that there was something Vincent was searching to bring with him, the question was what?

Vincent: Guns. Lots of guns.

Cloud turned in time to see Zack yawning. That was never a good sign. They had to be on edge when Zack slept.

Cloud: Because apparently he rape-walked.

“So how much longer yo?… these ropes are chaffing.” Reno asked.

Reno: Hey! This is off to a good start, yo.

“Hopefully not much longer I’d like to get some sleep.” Zack rolled his shoulders.

Cloud was impressed. Zack was normally tired according to Reno after Jenova took over. But for some reason he had lasted most of the day. It was just past two am and the former SOLDIER was still awake.

Cloud just shrugged. “I’m not sure-” He stopped looking up seeing the flash of red in the rafters before the immortal descended landing in front of Cloud.

Cloud: Can you ever make a normal entrance?
Vincent: With this cloak?

“Sorry about the wait.” Vincent stated. He held under his arm a single book.

“It’s fine. What did you find out?” Cloud asked.

Vincent: I found out that the local library has a surprisingly extensive section on mad science.

Vincent’s face was serious. “There is more than Jenova housed inside of Zack.” His voice was quiet so only Cloud could hear.

Zack: Hey! That’s really rude, guys.

Cloud looked in to Vincent’s red eyes. “Meaning?”

“Sephiroth.” Vincent stated turning round walking up the church isle towards Zack.

Cloud froze staring at the back of Vincent’s cape as he walked. Several thoughts flashed through his head. Mako green had been looking at him last night and his face flushed he let his grip slip on flask of hot drink and it clattered to the ground.

All: Sephizack! Dun dun dun duuuuuun!

Zack heard the clatter of the flask and he saw Reno’s face. The goofy expression gone as his eyes narrowed at the man Zack sensed approaching behind them.

“So you finally got here huh? You’re late.” He turned round fully expecting an older man in his fifties with graying hair and froze at the man standing there instead he looked no older than twenty-eight.

Zack: Oh, shit, SquareEnix found a way to combine ‘tortured veteran’ with ‘sexy antihero’!
Tifa: Hooray!

The face though. He couldn’t forget that face and he jumped back pointing at him.

“Oh crap… you’re that… that… coffin guy!”

Vincent:And you’re that punk kid who disturbed my ageless slumber, the nightmare unending that was insufficient penance for the decades of--
Reno: Translation-- Get off my damn lawn, you hooligan!
Vincent: …..Whippersnapper.

Vincent merely blinked at the man the silver hair slicked back in to spikes. “My name is Vincent…. Vincent Valentine.”

“You told Cloud didn’t you?” Vincent caught Reno’s glare. “Tseng won’t like that at all.”

Reno: He can discipline me later, if Sephizack lets him have a turn.

Vincent looked over at Reno. “And I’m about to tell him the truth that which you’ve been hiding from him.”

“Tell me the truth of what?” Zack looked between the two obviously confused.

“Vincent wait!” Cloud raced up to grabbing the man on the arm spinning him round. “Are you sure he’s inside of Zack?”

Zack: I think I’d know if a guy was inside me.
Cid: Take a drink, folks, there’s gonna be a lot of these jokes tonight.

“I heard from Tseng’s mouth he advised me not to come here for that very reason.” Vincent replied.

“He…” Zack repeated his eyes flicking to Reno then the Vincent, his fist clenching to the side. “It hasn’t been Jenova at all controlling me has it?”

“Apparently not.” Vincent replied.

o it was… to start with.” Reno cut in. “You were just too strong for her. One mention of Cloud’s name and she went dormant.” He explained.

Zack looked at Reno then at Cloud. “Who was it? And what did he make me do?”

Sephiroth: Something tells me you already know the answer.
Tifa: I think the question is, what hasn’t he made you do?
Reno: By “what” you mean “who”.

“I’ll show you…” Vincent’s metal fist clenched and slammed in to Zack’s stomach making him double over.

Vincent: I’ll show you that you involuntarily took advantage of Cloud by punching you in the stomach-- that should do it.
Zack: (wheeze) I think I'd have preferred "tell don't show," just this once.

“Zack!” Cloud went to race past and Vincent’s right hand shot out stopping Cloud.

Cloud: (impaled on gauntlet) ...ow

Zack landed on his knees in front of Vincent looking up at the man decked out in black leather with the red cape.

Tseng: Well, that’s...suggestive.
Sephiroth: I hope we intend to follow up on that.

“What… By beating it out of me?” Zack croaked.

“You’re aware of another entity inside of you now… you will be fully aware of what they’re capable of and in future with training you might be able to keep him dormant.” Vincent explained.

“Him…” Zack felt his body slip to the ground as the darkness started to sink around him. He became aware of silver hair. Mako green eyes looked directly at him a smirk forming on that ever arrogant face.

“Sephiroth…” Vincent’s voice seemed to echo as he closed his eyes for the moment.

Sephiroth: ...I have an entrance? An honest-to-god dramatic entrance? In a fanfiction?
Cid: This just might be cool after all.
Sephiroth: to whip out my nine-foot sword and signal my all-boys Latin choir to start chanting my name.

Reno pulled at the binds. “Are you absolutely crazy yo? Do you know what’s going to happen now?!”

Vincent let Cloud past him as the blonde raced to his fallen friend and he looked up at Vincent. “Are you sure he’s inside of Za- him?” Cloud asked.

Tifa: Heh, there are going to be too many of these “inside of” lines for us to point out each time, aren’t there? 

“Positive. Now untie Reno. I’ll worry about the former General when he wakes up.” Vincent stated.

Cloud slipped from Zack’s side reluctantly and walked up behind Reno and began to untie him.

Reno shrugged out of the ropes pulling them off. “You know I’m not going to stick around for this yo.”

Reno: But I am going to leave this security camera in the corner. For security reasons.

“I’d rather you didn’t.” Vincent stated. “So take Cloud with you.”

Cloud shook his head. “Vincent if you think I’m leaving-” Cloud began.

Reno flicked his EMR on and tapped Cloud on the back of the neck the electrical shock sending the blonde unconscious. Catching Cloud with one arm Reno looked at Vincent.

Cloud: Wow, my reflexes suck today.

“You have a death wish you know that?” Reno stated.

“I cannot die.” Vincent replied. “To rouse him what do I say?”

Cid: Oh, I’m pretty sure he’s already “roused.”
Vincent: Yes, but I need to know whose name I should shout’s just basic courtesy.

“You say his name.” Reno motioned at Zack. “No one else’s.

Cloud: He gets jealous.
Tifa: Wait, why does calling Zack summon Sephiroth?

But to get him to leave though who knows.” He slung Cloud over his shoulder and walked past Vincent heading down the isle of the church.

“When he’s back to normal… call Tifa… I’ll be there with Cloud.” Reno stated walking out the door.

Reno: I’m taking one of your best fighters home to get wasted, don’t expect me to send any reinforcements or anything.

Vincent watched as Zack began to stand up slowly. “That was low.”

Pulling out Death Penalty he pointed it at the spiky silver haired man. “It was the only way. You are aware of him now which means to stay in control… you have to get stronger… or die.”

Zack shook his head. “I’m not ready to drop dead again so soon… I promised someone I was going to live.”

“Then learn to fight him… Zack.” With that he fired a round off form Death Penalty.

Aeris: Fight scene music!
Cid: Holy shit, this is going to be awesome, isn’t it?

Vincent watched as Zack’s hand shot up and the bullet his the hand causing a gust of wind to blow and the silver hair shot out flowing to his knees at the same time a black jacket flapped behind with the impact. Yet the body of Zack didn’t move.

Sephiroth: Good to see you, Cloud-- wait, what the hell?

Vincent caught the green eyed mako look cast in his direction.

“Bold move.” Sephiroth smirked.

“He can now see your actions. Your thoughts, he will know when you are coming.” Vincent stated.

Sephiroth: Yes, yes he certainly will. I’m counting on it.

“And he’ll see when you are too.” Sephiroth drew the Masumune out of thin air before charging at Vincent.

Zack: I’ll see you when you’re sleeping, I’ll know when you’re awake... I’ll know when you’re using my body for sex, so use protection for goodness’ sake.

Spinning round Vincent dodged the blow, his clawed hand shooting over his right shoulder behind him catching the blade before it hit his back.

Tifa: Oooo, cool!

Looking over his shoulder at Sephiroth, he saw the smug smirk crossing the silver haired man’s face.

Vincent’s right hand crossed his midriff Death Penalty under his left arm before he fired off three shots, causing Sephiroth to jump back and dodge the bullets.

Vincent jumped up landing several feet back facing Sephiroth. Sephiroth smirked at him.

Quickly Vincent fired three more shots before flipping out of the way of the blade as it swished through the air several times deflecting the bullets and chopping the wood of a few of the beams.

Aeris: God damn it, take it outside! Why must you always insist on fighting on holy ground?
Cid: Shut up, this is badass!

Landing on a fallen pillar above the former general he flipped Death Penalty open reloading before running along the pillar towards the ceiling he leapt from the wood landing on the edge of a pew and firing off a couple of rounds before quickly flipping out of the way as the blade sliced through the wood.

Reno: Wow, a fanfic with a real kickass fight scene! Weapons and everything!

Jumping up in the air he landed behind Sephiroth the barrel touching base with the back of Sephiroth’s head.

“You’re getting slow Sephiroth.”

Sephiroth merely smirked as he heard the gun click over and he dropped his head back to the side, dodging the bullet spinning round bringing the Masumune round and through the floorboards. Vincent held out his hand the claw blocking the full impact of the blow. He was still knocked back a couple of meters, before he jumped up letting the full power shatter a window.

Cloud: Wait, how did it...
Tseng: I guess all that kinetic energy has to go somewhere...?
Reno: Damn, that didn’t make any sense and I don’t even care! This is awesome!
Tifa: Advent Children physics at its finest. Take a drink.

Sephiroth smirked, his eyes looking behind him at Vincent back in the rafters of the church.

Vincent: Still here.

Three more bullets came his way, Sephiroth spun the Masumune round behind him knocking them off target and in to the wall he was facing.

Listening to the whistle of the cape as Vincent was on the move again, the ex-Turk was still as fast as he was three years ago. The sound of Vincent reloading caught his attention as he spun round his hair swished behind him.

Sephiroth: Damn it! My hair keeps failing its stealth check!
Zack: You shouldn’t have put all your points in Charisma.

The Masumune striking directly up above him to the broken rafters above and the flash of red moved from the rafter to another pew. The cape drifting to the ground as gravity caught up with the former Turk’s movement.

All: Ooooh...

He turned round taking Vincent’s stand still motion Death Penalty pointed at him before three more shots were fired. Spinning the Masumune round he deflected the bullets on the blade back in the direction of the ex-Turk.

All: Ahhhh...

Vincent jumped up startled if only for a moment...

Vincent: Damn.... he has anime fighting abilities. Sephiroth followed the movement leaping after him Vincent dodged the slash of the sword spinning round and flipping to the other side of the church landing on the wall reloading before propelling himself at Sephiroth firing three more shots.

Sephiroth: And you have American guns. How many rounds does one of your chambers hold, seventy?
Aeris: Landing on the wall-- okay, are the walls of my church really that sticky?

Cloud:  (humming) Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can...

Sephiroth jumped up the Masumune striking through Vincent’s cape. Red curled round the blade Vincent moved upwards pulling the sword with him as shredded book pages flittered to the ground.

Vincent: ….That was a library book. You bastard.

Glancing quickly at the pages Vincent moved again to the roof as he realized Sephiroth didn’t release his hold on the Masumune and was making the move to strike up.

Sephiroth followed catching a page of the book on the way on the tip of the blade. The two stood on the roof top staring each other down. Green eyes catching red with a smirk crossing his face as Vincent reloaded.

Sephiroth: About time.
Tseng: Hush, this is suspenseful.

Sephiroth charged at Vincent ready to end it Masumune met the metal of Death Penalty as the two shared a glance over metal. Death Penalty went off. A loud reverberating bang echoed the air around them. Sephiroth jumped back at the same time Vincent vanished through the hole in the roof of the church. Sephiroth sliced the Masumune down causing the hole to grow in size. He jumped down landing with the grace of a trained 1st Class. He looked at Vincent perched in the rafters.

Aeris: Perfecting his Phantom of the Opera pose.

Realizing this battle was going nowhere and fast Vincent reached in to his cape throwing the book at Sephiroth who sliced through it with out a blink of an eye.

Cloud: Yeah, um...what did you think was going to happen?

Several pages flittered about. Vincent had picked the book that Lucrecia featured most in image wise, where Jenova was showed an image of Lucrecia followed. He hoped at least one image would catch the former general’s eye.

Vincent: I would hope so, Lucretia is going to be upset if I ruined one of her scrapbooks for nothing.

Sephiroth’s eyes indeed caught the image of Jenova on a page and he grinned. “You’ve been researching mother I see…” His hand shot out and grabbed the page. Looking at the image of mother he saw a photo on the page of a woman.

“Yes, both of them.” Vincent stated.

Zack: Sephiroth has two mommies.

Tseng: That might be the most terrifying children’s book ever written.

Sephiroth grinned. “Trying to bargain me with images of the woman who bore me? I thought you were above such low tactics.”

“You deserve to know the truth.” Vincent stated.

“The truth…” Sephiroth scoffed before his eyes narrowed. “The truth is the humans harvested this planet before mother could. They destroyed this world.”

“Lucrecia would disagree.” Vincent shot him a look.

Sephiroth: Well, she’s sort of biased.

Sephiroth scoffed. “I never knew the human woman who bore me. She never spoke to me like mother does. I am merely finishing their work before my true mother and I continue her proper goal.”

Cloud: Which is what exactly? She seems to keep changing her mind on that, Seph?
Sephiroth: To sail the darkness of the cosmos with this planet as my vessel...
Cid:Yeah, but what the fuck does that actually mean? You’re gonna break the planet out of orbit and go cruising across the void, trillions of miles away from any sun? Have fun piloting your ball of black ice into eternity.

Sephiroth tossed the page to the side charging at Vincent again striking forward causing the ex-Turk to slam in to a wall. In a flash of red the Turk shot upwards again to the height of the rafters, two more shots whirling out. Sephiroth jumped up avoiding the bullets bringing the sword down knocking Vincent back to the ground.

Tifa: Whee, fighting in a bouncy castle is fun!

Sephiroth landed down hard on the ground causing the wood to creak under him. His legs on either side of Vincent’s waist pinning the former Turk down, his sword by the side of Vincent’s head.

Aeris: Hello, suggestive foreshadowing.

“Using the body of Zack as a host?” Vincent glared.

“Why not?” Sephiroth smirked, the blade touching skin lightly.

Sephiroth: So what now, Valentine? Are we to be two immortals, locked in an epic battle until Judgement Day and trumpets sound?
Vincent: Or you could surrender.

Vincent grabbed the blade with his claw before spinning round on the ground and flipping upwards landing on the rafter just below the roof Death Penalty pointed at Sephiroth.

Cid: ...Did he just breakdance his way out of that hold?

“This could have been over with quickly…” Sephiroth grinned. “But this proves it. You have the energy mother needs.”

Cloud: Only you have the power to prevent alien rape fiends.

“For Cloud’s sake I’m not letting you use the body of his friend for such means.” Vincent fired three more shots, before jumping to the pews quick to reload.

Vincent dodged Sephiroth’s charge vanishing amongst the rafters and shadows of the remainders of the ceiling that was slowly starting to crumble with the impact of this battle. Cloud or Zack obviously wouldn’t be happy. Vincent realized they needed to take this somewhere else before the building that held Aerith’s memory was completely destroyed.

Aeris: Now that I think about it, it’s okay, the church is protected by a magic shield of plot contrivance. Meteor didn’t even knock this place down; the two of you aren’t going to do anything.

“You’re delaying the inevitable…” Sephiroth spoke calmly. “Perhaps I should just go after Cloud and the Turk again… will that draw you out of hiding?” He smirked.

Even in the shadows Vincent could see Sephiroth was goading him. There was no bargaining with him… unless he got close, but to get close meant to admit defeat. Death Penalty and the Masumune were useless in close hand combat, well almost.

Yuffie: Quick Vince, pull out your gunblade!
Vincent: Speaking of useless in combat.

Risking it Vincent had no choice racing along the rafters he watched as Sephiroth jumped up and Vincent leaped up firing two more shots and blocking the blow of the Masumune with Death Penalty as it came down from above.

Vincent spun round his foot sweeping out. Sephiroth jumped back to avoided the pointed metal shoe.

Vincent: See, I do use them.

Vincent shot across the rafters reloading as he moved before the Masumune struck again, sending Vincent to the ground.

Vincent flashed across the floor, red flicking about him as he moved with speed, before he felt the impact of the Masumune shoot through his left shoulder and pinning him to a wall with a thud, the wood and concrete pillar stabilizing what was left of the church creaked with the impact cracking behind him.

His expression flinched in pain as Sephiroth twisted the blade round standing there smirking at him.

All: (applaud enthusiastically for the fight scene)
Cloud: That was cool!
Tifa: And kinda hot.

“Hold still and this won’t hurt a bit.” Sephiroth taunted the former Turk in red

Sephiroth: That is...unless you want it to.

Grinning Sephiroth saw Death Penalty pointed at his head. A new round in the gun, even at that close a normal person couldn’t miss unless they were going up against Sephiroth. But this person wasn’t normal either… it was Vincent Valentine.

Cid: Damn straight!

Reminding him of the fact of why he was after this man in the first place. Now he had him it was only a matter of time before he could awaken from within Zack any time he wished…
Staring each other down Vincent looked at Sephiroth, the sound of the occasional creak of wood ready to give thanks to their earlier battle. Neither one moved for a long moment. Vincent had no choice the Masumune pinning his left side to the pillar. Sephiroth just stood there as if to torment him, before he shed his jacket slowly.

Tseng: From somewhere offscreen, strip music started to play.

It was then Vincent saw the clothes under the jacket Zack’s shirt and pants he looked at Sephiroth. If the silver haired man succeeded then those clothes would be his own not Zack and he cocked Death Penalty shooting the former general a glare.

Cid: You mean he ran through that whole goddamn fight with a uniform over all that leather shit?

“Playing hard to get?” Sephiroth smirked.

Vincent didn’t even grace Sephiroth with a reply. The man hadn’t won yet and Zack was still in there somewhere probably confused as hell as to what was going on but he was in there…

Zack: I think anyone who found themselves inside Sephiroth would be confused. I thought he never bottomed.
Tifa: Turns out we can get a little more mileage out of this joke.

“I don’t play.” Vincent stated calmly.

“Are you really going to try to shoot me when you see the clothes I’m wearing?” Sephiroth taunted. “Would Cloud ever forgive you?”

Sephiroth: Look inside your heart...could you ever bear to damage custom-made leather?

“The question is… is he willing to forgive himself for what you did to him using Zack’s body?” Vincent glared.

Cloud: Are you saying I asked for it?
Sephiroth: ...yes.

“I was merely playing on emotions that Zack felt in the past with people he’s dealt with.” Sephiroth placed his hand over the barrel of Death Penalty leaning in close he pulled the weapon from Vincent’s hand with ease.

Vincent rarely relinquished Death Penalty to anyone...

Reno: He hardly ever let another man handle his rifle.

...let alone the enemy, the truth was this was Cloud’s friend the man who helped mold him in to the fighter he was today. He hadn’t wanted to shoot at Zack but to draw Sephiroth in to the open he had no choice in the matter.

Tseng: Keep telling yourself that.

Sephiroth let Death Penalty drop to the ground and he kicked it across the floor where it skidded to a halt at the water’s edge. Placing his hand on the hilt of the Masumune he pushed it in deeper pinning the former Turk tightly in to the wall.

Aerith: He pushed it deeper and deeper inside until he...wait, are we talking about weapons or sex?
Cloud: Yes.

The immortal merely looked away, black hair falling over one of his eyes the other red avoiding his face.

“Can’t you look me in the face Vincent…?” Sephiroth asked.

Sephiroth: Why? Why do you close your eyes when we make love?

“I am not part of Zack’s past.” Vincent stated.

Sephiroth smirked. “He crossed your path.”

Tseng: By this logic, Sephiroth should be vampfucking every shopkeeper and background villager Zack ever made eye contact with.

“I’m hardly part of his past… why me?” Vincent challenged.

“The power of an immortal is too great to pass up.”

Tifa: Oh, shit! Sephiroth’s gonna cut off Vincent’s head!

Sephiroth pushed the blade in deeper feeling the friction of the blade cutting through bone making him grin.
The moonlight seemed to drift through the hole in the ceiling from above and Vincent glanced up at it as he tried to hold back any emotion of pain from crossing his features at the pressure of the sword piercing his left shoulder the blade grinding up against bone.

What he didn’t expect so soon was to have the other man’s mouth on his, his human hand grabbed and pinned to the wall by one of Sephiroth’s as the younger man claimed his mouth.

Sephiroth: I claim this mouth in the name of Jenova!
Reeve: You’re already about to plant your flag, that’s kind of superfluous.

Pulling back he pulled at his wrist yanking it free shooting Sephiroth a glare. “Don’t test me Sephiroth.”

“Who said anything about testing? I’m taking.” Sephiroth smirked, his hand snaking to the duel belts wrapped round Vincent’s waist.

Cid: But he was defeated by the 17 buckles on Vincent’s body armour. It’s like a goddamn chastity belt.

Vincent suppressed a growl as both his belts were pulled off. The former General’s left hand snaking in to the leather clad man’s pants. His free hand shot out ready to strike Sephiroth in the face but was caught with a right hand and twisted to pin back against the wall.

“Now now… any pain you inflict on me Zack will feel. You helped us connect after all.” Sephiroth taunted, his hand finding what he was searching for. The left hand slipped round Vincent’s length this time making the former Turk hiss with the contact.

“Stop.” It was a definite snarl from the vampire.

Vincent: May I point out here that I’m not a --
Yuffie: No. Ssh.

Lips brushed across smooth skin of Vincent’s jaw, as Sephiroth’s hand began to move along the hidden length.

Each moment seemed to pass slower. Eyes closing Vincent didn’t want to see the face that was little by little tempting him.

The son of the woman he loved was causing a long denied emotional reaction from within and that wasn’t a good thing. Not for himself and defiantly not for Zack.

Zack: (shrugs) I’ve had worse.

Sephiroth grinned his hand quickening the pace causing the former Turk to jerk suddenly and gasp at the forming arousal.

“Stop that!”

Vincent: I need an adult!
Sephiroth: I am an adult.

“Your mouth says stop but your body is betraying you.” Sephiroth’s voice was smooth as his mouth moved over Vincent’s lips. The older man seemed to sway almost getting lost in the haze of the moment.

Tifa: I wouldn’t call it rape, exactly, more of a...
Tseng: Tenacious seduction?
Tifa: Yeah.

Slipping back from the former Turk he pulled Zack’s shirt off tossing the offending cloth to the side. He could hear Zack’s voice in the back of his head shouting at him to stop.

Zack: Not my Captain America shirt! That was vintage!

Eventually he would deal to the former 1st Class, but right not right now, there was something better trapped before him ready for him to drain the power from.

Crouching low he pulled leather clad pants down freeing the arousal he had caused in the immortal former Turk.

“Don’t-!” The former Turk began. He was cut off as Sephiroth’s mouth wrapped round the length slowly beginning to suck.

Cloud: Vincent, do you mind that we’re enjoying your defeat and plundering at the hands of my resurrected nemesis?
Vincent: Well, he’s gotten to most of the rest of you, I suppose it was my turn.
Reeve: Sephiroth is like a doorknob, everyone gets a turn.

Vincent’s body jerked as he tried to pull away from the wall, the cape flittered behind him as if trying to decipher the real wish of its master.

Aerith: So it is sentient! I win the bet!
Tifa: Damn it!
Cloud: Ah, if cloaks could talk...does it have any embarrassing stories about you?
Vincent: No, but I have some blackmail material on it. No pun intended.
Cid: Seems like something cooked up by Hojo. Shit, never imagined the guy as a seamstress.
Sephiroth: Shh! I’m trying to enjoy my conquest.

Sephiroth knew he was confused and conflicted as he sucked on the length and neither seemed to fight back. Linking his mind with the former SOLDIER he let the younger fighter sense and feel everything.

‘Damn you Sephiroth! Stop it! Not Vincent! Not like that!’

Zack: Use your tongue a little no, not your teeth!

The voice was drowned out as he heard the former Turk’s voice hitch in his throat.

Vincent: Still, I appreciate the thought.

Pulling back from the arousal he stood up his hand moving under the leather clad shirt...

Reno: Even his shirt was wearing leather. That’s how badass he was.

...letting his hands move across the scarred and experimented on flesh.

Lifting the leather up to gaze upon pale skin his mouth moved along the contours of Vincent’s abdomen. The older man shivered, his right hand clenching in to a fist his hand staying perfectly still as if thoughts of fighting back were in the back of his head. Zack’s well being was obviously in the former Turk’s mind.

Sephiroth: Thinking of other men while we’re in this position? What do I have to do to keep your attention?

Sephiroth’s hand moved to cup the coated arousal...

Cid: ...coated in what?

...slipping under to stoke at the immortal’s entrance. The action caused a startled gasp from the raven haired man’s mouth.

“Zack… fight him…” Vincent breathed.

Zack: Yeah, like you’re putting so much effort into fighting him now.
Cloud: Well, one of you should be.
Vincent: Says the man with the least room to talk.

‘I’m trying! I’m trying!’

Sephiroth smirked. Cissnei was hardly one to give Zack strength to fight him to gain control and after tonight Zack would need more than the occasional one night thing to give him enough energy to fight for his body back.

Zack: The fate of the world depends on getting me laid!

“It will take more than your words to help him…” A finger nimbly pushed past Vincent’s entrance causing the former Turks body to jerk in reaction.

“Sephiroth…” The voice hissed out in a mixture of a tone of warning and voice confused by sudden forgotten emotions surfacing.

Slipping a second digit in to the older man’s heat he was greeted with a twitch of an arousal. Smirking at the former Turk pinned to the wall he took in the pale flesh that was exposed for his devouring lips.

Sephiroth’s mouth moved over the pale skin tasting the older man’s body as the third digit slipped in stretching past the tight ring of muscle making the ex-Turk hiss a breath outward. His free hand moving to the Masumune he twisted the blade round pulling it out swiftly letting Vincent fall to the ground his right hand moving to his shoulder.

Blood dripping to the ground Sephiroth flicked letting the blood fly off the pristine blade before he let the summoned weapon vanish. He had no need of it anymore.

Tseng: ...Weren’t we supposed to be making jokes about this?
Aerith: Hush. Don’t interrupt.                 

Vincent’s eyes squeezed shut as he felt the body move over his. He had admitted he had lost his pride long ago when Hojo had taken Lucrecia from him. This was only a justification of his conflicted emotions when dealing with the son he could have possibly fathered.

All: ….........
Cid: Well, this just got a hell of a lot kinkier.
Sephiroth: ….Vincent---is, is it even possible that you...
Vincent: ...Lucretia...
Reno: Yes, Valentine. Did you ever actually hit that?

He was torn and tormented but for Cloud’s sake for the life of his friend he couldn’t fight without doing damage to the man who had cheated death.The man, whom like himself and Sephiroth had to endure test after test from Hojo.

Zack: The man, who has a name by the way.

Rolling over on to his stomach Vincent’s hand held on to his shoulder, letting the cape fall over his exposed body. Part of him wished at that moment Cloud had never raised him, the other part of him was embarrassed that he was being so compliant with the mass murderer.

“Remember to breath.” Sephiroth whispered from behind.

Vincent: Thank you so much for reminding me.

Vincent gasped feeling the arousal of the younger man and his eyes flew open and he tried to move a hand hooked round his waist the cape lifted up. The pressure came and his body jerked at the intrusion of the other man’s arousal as it entered his body.

Sephiroth: I’m suddenly very uncomfortable with this.

His own emotions were getting harder and harder to not listen to. Cloud had awoken a curiosity at what it was like to live amongst people again. Reeve had talked him in to helping out with the WRO cause and Lucrecia had shown him what it was like to loose the one love that people spent their lives looking for.

Vincent: Yes, I blame my being raped by my son entirely on Cloud, Reeve, and Lucretia. Thanks a lot, guys.
Tseng: I know you’re trying to reconnect with people, but...this isn’t the right way.

Eyes shutting he felt Sephiroth’s chin rest on his shoulder the mouth so close to his ear. His clawed hand scratching along the wooden floor of the church as the older man pushed in to his body deeper.

Vincent felt his chest shoved to the ground hard. His right hand moved to his face. He had dealt with several moments in his extended life that were not to glorious. But this moment the moment of his body’s betrayal to the man Cloud considered his enemy, had to be the most humiliating feeling he had ever endured.

Cid: Really? Even when you--
Vincent: Not helping, Chief.

Trying to move he felt his body flanked as a strong chest pressed to his back,a hand slipped round his waist stroking his arousal.

“Shhhh don’t fight this.” Vincent felt the cool hand move over his shoulder turning his face to the side and his mouth was captured hungrily by the former General.

Hips bucked in to his while a tongues danced a lavish performance inside his mouth, while his hand toyed with bringing his arousal round to the point of no return.

Tseng: It’s like the Swan Lake of make-out sessions.
Reno: (snicker) Or maybe the Nutcracker.

Each sensation made him feel more than he wanted to. Each stroke made him swell to where he thought he would burst. Each play of a tongue over his made him feel like he was betraying Lucrecia’s memory. Each thrust inside his body made his body jerk unwillingly in an unknown reaction that he had yet to face.

“Sephiroth… stop… this…” Vincent breathed as the younger man finally freed his mouth.

Cloud: Stop humping your possible father!
Sephiroth: (covers his eyes) No...

“Would you rather Zack?” Sephiroth taunted.

Vincent: Would you be offended if I said yes?

Vincent tried to pull away. “NO! Don’t you-!”

Reno: Don’t you pull a bait-and-switch now!

He was slammed unceremoniously on to the ground as hips pushed the younger man deeper in to his body, his claw scratched at the ground in betrayal of the sensations that his body was tortured to.

He heard the dark chuckle as he felt the younger man pull from him. Vincent gasped trying to move but his body felt strangely weaker as he tried to stand to move towards Death Penalty, it was calling to him in a manor he wasn’t sure of. Chaos had chosen to stay dormant for this embarrassment. Vincent was glad for if the beast inside him rose to the surface. The power Sephiroth would gain from such a thing Zack would probably never gain the use of his body ever again.

Chaos/Vincent: Hey, what’s going -- Oh. Well. I’ll just leave you to get on with it, then.

Galian/Vincent: Jeez, hang a sock on the mental doorknob or something, Valentine.

He felt his body fail him as he hit the ground landing flat on his back. Sephiroth stood over him naked in his glory Vincent could see the dark energy just literary floating around Sephiroth like it was nothing more than steam.

Aerith: He literally saw the dark energy floating around Sephiroth?
Vincent: Nero the Sable called, he wants his aura back. 

Tifa: Wow. That’s really who you fought in your solo game? A goth with Edward Scissorhand wings and a jockstrap on his head?

Kneeling Sephiroth moved over him like an animal over a prey, his mouth stopping dangerously close to Vincent’s. Vincent’s right hand shot up hitting Sephiroth in the chest. Sephiroth’s hand caught his other hand grabbing the claw pulling the injured shoulder up making Vincent flinch in pain, give by lunchtime in the morning his wounds would have been healed.

Cid: Yeah Vince, keep an eye on those morning wounds.

But that didn’t stop the pain he felt shoot through his arm at the moment and he gasped.

“Get off me…” He growled finding his voice.

Reno: Are you sure that’s not “Get me off”?

He could handle not seeing Sephiroth’s face as the man took him from behind but this was just low. The son of the woman he loved taking him. It was uncalled for. Trying to find a new strength to fight he was cut off as a mouth covered his again hungrily tongue diving in to his lips.

Tseng: Tongue diving -- the new extreme sport for the whole family.
Vincent: Do I need to spank you, possible-son?
Sephiroth: Why aren’t you as disturbed as I am by this revelation??
Vincent: (shrugs) I’ve just stopped caring at this point.
Sephiroth:  First my mother, the deceptions, the madness, and now...what else was a lie? What else have they made me?!

The pressure built up and he felt the sudden intrusion in to his entrance the heat slipping in to walls and he pulled back gasping as the silver haired man held him down hips thrusting against his urgently. He could feel his very strength being sucked from his body through the intrusion.  

Aeris: I bet more people would watch vampire movies if they looked like this.

His right hand was let go but all he could do was leave it on the former General’s shoulder. The younger man continued to ravish his body like a starved man given a last meal.

Tifa: For soon, he would be sent to the chair.
Reeve: (humming) Oh, mama I’m in fear for my life from the long arm of the law...Hangman is coming down from the gallows and I don’t have very long...

Pulling back Sephiroth looked in to crimson eyes dazed and confused as his hips moved rocking in to Vincent’s heat, he felt the pressure of that sweet spot that he had become so familiar with in his previous conquests. This one though this was the one that fought back against him the best. This was the challenge of the man who loved the woman who gave him his very life.

Tseng: So you acknowledge he could be your father...yet you’re still fucking him.
Sephiroth: Just, shut up, okay?

Raven hair pooled on the ground under the former Turk, Vincent’s back arched up betraying his earlier verbal protests. Sephiroth left his free hand move to the neglected arousal and he began to stroke the man’s length up and down the shaft making the vampire twitch his body shiver and jerk uncontrollably under him.

Cid: Well, at least he has the courtesy to give the guy a reach-around.

‘Sephiroth please no more.’ The voice of Zack seemed to beg him to stop.

Sephiroth felt the younger man inside his head almost crumbled in a sort of defeat. Tseng and Reno were good to keep this from his former raven haired colleague. But now that he knew the truth the man would forever lay witness to the numerous people he would claim along the way to mother’s true goal.

Vincent gasped his hips bucked up in to Sephiroth’s hand as he felt the swelling. Vincent was barely verbal in intimacy.

Cloud: Or ever, really.

But Vincent’s body betrayed him, telling Sephiroth that the vampire was so close to his climax. That it was nearly time to stop playing round and just take the strength mother required.

Stoking the vampire’s arousal till he felt hips shudder and the release was spilled over the man’s abdomen and Sephiroth’s hand. He smirked continuing his urgent thrusts in to Vincent’s body. It was a new kind of tight warmth that drew him in deeper and deeper with each thrust. The pressure was so great that the harder he thrust the older man’s friction snapped round his quelling need for release.

“You are just to perfect for a dead man.” Sephiroth chuckled as he felt his climax explode in to the older man.

Tseng: Necrophilia and incest, this just keeps getting more and more interesting.
Sephiroth: (grabs Tseng by the throat) Enough!

Vincent’s hand moved to cover his face he couldn’t look in to mako green anymore he just couldn’t not when the eyes looked so much like Lucrecia’s. It was bad enough his body started to enjoy the several old emotions he had long since forgotten. But it was his old love’s son and that was the part that would haunt him for a long time.

Cloud: How about the part where he’s potentially your son?
Sephiroth:Oh for god’s sake...Does anyone else want to reveal their relation to me? Barret is my brother? RedXIII is my uncle? The Chocobo Sage is my cousin?
Tifa: So our planet is basically West Virginia.
Tseng: (strangle

He heard the deep breath’s slow down and the body slumped against his. Vincent blinked and looked down and his eyes widened the short spiky silver hair the slightly tanned body of the former SOLDIER lay over him.He wanted to move but he froze. For some reason Sephiroth had released his hold on the man, letting the former 1st Class gain control back.

“Zack…” He touched the younger man’s shoulder lightly.

Zack was shivering everything he saw and felt was killing him inside and his arms felt like jelly as he pushed himself up and he blinked seeing crimson eyes look at him with concern. Zack froze when he felt a certain part of his anatomy inside the older man.

Zack: Um...hi?

“Oh shit!” He jumped back so fast causing Vincent to flinch in pain at the fast removal. The ex-SOLDIER stumbled for a bit before he landed on the ground staring at Vincent.

The ex-Turk moved slow his left arm hung by his side like dead weight as he began to readjust his clothes.

Tifa: Well, this is going to be the most awkward pillow talk ever...

Zack turned away and grabbed the closet item of clothing and pulled it to cover himself. He looked down at Sephiroth’s jacket over his lap his finger clawed at the fabric and he shuddered.

“I thought… once upon a time he was my friend…” Zack spoke softly. “I’m sorry Vincent… I tried… but he’s just…” Zack trailed off looking at the jacket.

“You are not to blame.” Vincent stated. “You merely need to get stronger.”

Vincent: It’s not your fault that you raped me....I am to blame.
Cid: You’re such a classic case.

“But how! How can I fight Sephiroth? It would have to be inside my own head!” Zack stopped and blinked he reached over pulling his trousers over and grabbing the cellphone from his pocket.

Zack: Oh well, I’m gonna call for pizza, you want some?

“Zack…” Vincent looked at him.

“Tseng…Reno… Cloud I hurt them all. I shouldn’t have even been let out of that stupid tank.” Zack began flipping through the directory.

Zack: Let’s see...’gardening’...’gas stations’...’generators’...
Reno: Who are you going to call?
Zack: Ghostbusters.

“But you were. Like Cloud released me from my coffin, he freed you.” Vincent stated.

Zack shook his head. “I’m not blaming Cloud… I could never…”

Zack: I mean, he is a complete tease, but Sephizack, were...was?  ...the aggressor the last time.
Tifa: Ugh, it’s worse than trying to figure out time-travel grammar.

“Then what do you plan to do?” Vincent asked.

“I’m calling Tseng I knew he was hiding something from me now I know… but… I just want…” Zack sighed.

“The truth.” Vincent finished.

“…… yeah.” Zack sighed.
Vincent looked at the ex-SOLDIER, the younger man looked lost confused and probably tormented. “You’re the reason Cloud is still with us today. Don’t give up just yet.”

Cid: Don’t stop believing.
Aeris: Hold on to that feeling.

Zack looked up at him his hand moving over Sephiroth’s jacket.

Zack: You know, if I keep spawning Sephiroth’s clothing like this, I could make thousands selling cosplay costumes and accessories.

“I won’t… I promised Cissnei I’d live.”


Aerith: (cheerfully) Well, aside from the disturbing necro-incest revelations, that was a good one!
Sephiroth: ….................
Vincent: …..........
Cid: ...Oh, shit. I’m just gonna go...refill my lighter...yeah.
Reno: Better go resuscitate the boss.
Reeve: And I’m going to...go. Away.
Yuffie: I think I left my cat on the ironing board, bye!
Sephiroth:Gast...Hojo...How hard would it have been to tell me? What else was a lie? What other genetic time-bombs am I carrying -- vampire, demon -- (glances at Vincent) What exactly are you, anyway?
Vincent: (shrugs helplessly) If I ever find out...
Cloud: Technically he got the demons after you were born, but given how genetics works on our world, they might still be hereditary.
Zack: I don’t think you’re helping, Cloud.
Sephiroth: (materia in hand, crackling with power) Ha ha ha...fine. I learned long ago...I can only be the monster that they made me.
Sephiroth: (casts a Flame spell to blow the sealed doors off the theater and stride out through the wreckage of sizzling molten metal)
Barret: ….Well, fuck.

MSTers’note: Seriously, this fanfic deserves your readership. It’s awesome and gay -- just like the original game! Find all 40 chapters here and tell Jdee how cool she is for letting us affectionately roast her story:

Holy Floating Turkey's, Batman! -------->

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