Friday, April 20, 2012

GuardianCraic: MST3k Fanfiction Edition


       This is the first of many entries by Guardian and Craic. Yes, we are two people, this is Guardian posting for this entry. What the hell are we doing here? Good question. Both of us have been reading and making fun of fanfiction for about five years. Christ I feel old. Anyway, our MSTing (sporking, riffing, whatever) started back in our college days.

Figure 1: An actual photo of Guardian and Craic in the 1920's

          We were working on a psychology project together, busting our asses because the other two people in our group were worthless. Due to lack of sleep and sanity, we'd take breaks finding and making fun of the silliest fanfiction we could find, mostly Final Fantasy VII stuff. Shortly after this we posted our work on and though we have few viewers there, most of the feedback was very positive. We've continued to do this on and off and recently decided to take it a little more seriously and make this bigger. So we came here to share our genius.

       I'll post our first entry very soon and I apologize if the format is fucked up or keeps changing. I'm still learning how to work this crazy thing and will probably suck at it for awhile. Stay tuned, we promise to amuse you especially if you're a FFVII fan. I'm off!

FFVII: The Mockening

  Two mild-mannered parodists on a crusade to save the Final Fantasy VII fandom from itself. Armed with rapier wit, lancing satire, the shield of hardcore geekiness and the sledgehammer of childish crude humour, together they right wrongs, mock grammar, battle the scourge of OOC, test their mettle against the hydra-headed Mary Sue, and campaign everywhere for Truth, Justice, and Exciting Homoerotic RPGs!

Final Fanfiction VII: The Mockening is an ongoing project by GuardianKiune and CraicRocker, here publishing jointly. Stay tuned for updates.


MST3k Theme Song: FFVII

Against Our Will

Final Fantasy "High"
Bright Eyes, Burning with Boredom

Insert Your Own Vincent Smell

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